Best URL shortener 2023

Short URL is a technique used on the World Wide Web where a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be significantly reduced in length but still redirect to the intended page. This is done by implementing a redirect to the web page possessing the original, longer URL. As an illustration, the URL “” can be condensed to “”.


Tired of sharing URLs in emails that end up breaking when sent, leaving the receiver to manually piece it back? You’re in the right place. Simply input a URL in the text box below and we will produce a shortened URL that remains intact in emails and has an unlimited lifespan.


Since our inception in 2008, we’ve been at the forefront of link optimization. Bitly Enterprise offers features like branded links, in-depth mobile linking, multifaceted campaign monitoring, and audience insights. This equips top brands with a comprehensive perspective on today’s intricate digital environment. Our suite of tools empowers them to understand, manage, and optimize their online customer interactions. With headquarters in New York City and branch offices in San Francisco and Denver, esteemed brands like IBM, eBay, Nike, GE, BuzzFeed, and many more rely on our services.

OW.LY provides a means to not only abbreviate lengthy links but also analyze the traffic originating from these links. Integrated into the HootSuite platform, it furnishes enhanced security benefits to its users. To utilize this service, one must either register for a Hootsuite account or sign in with an existing one. Users have the option to remain anonymous or use Captcha authentication when generating multiple shortened URLs. The service, a part of their proficient social messaging suite, allows users to embed images with shortened URLs in messages. Moreover, users can also incorporate documents with the URL shortening utility for effective document sharing.

ADF.LY stands out as a trusted URL shortening tool with a dual purpose: streamlining lengthy URLs and enabling users to monetize these links. The advertisements associated with the URLs generated by this platform are guaranteed to be family-friendly and devoid of intrusive pop-ups. Initiating campaigns via this service is budget-friendly, starting at just $5. They offer an array of scripts for users to capitalize on every site visitor. Through their user-friendly API, embedding an link on your website, app, or widget is both quick and secure. Generate revenue from almost every link on your site with this service. However, note that the service might not be accessible in some regions due to local regulations.

SHO.LI not only provides a straightforward solution for URL shortening, allowing users to compress URLs for easier sharing, tweeting, or emailing, but also introduces a lucrative angle to the process. By creating and sharing your shortened links through, users have the opportunity to earn money based on the traffic they generate. Harness our tool to generate URLs that can be swiftly distributed among peers and simultaneously benefit from monetizing your shared content. Experience the combined advantages of speed, efficiency, and earning potential with our URL Shortener.

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